Sanitize without Chemicals

Hydroxyl GeneratorEffective • Safe • Green • Sustainable Solutions

With a new level of concern for sanitizing due to coronavirus, the concept of chemical-free sanitizing should be a high priority.  Hydroxyls present a simple, yet profound solution, as the ambient air is charged with hydrogen peroxide molecules (hydroxyls) be a catalytic reaction that has no adverse effect on people or pets in the room.

  • EPA Registered sanitizer
  • Sanitizes, deodorizes, and destroys airborne threats
  • Can be operated continuously for 24/7 protection
  • An initial investment that eliminates ongoing expenses

Place one or one units in the building anywhere there is the ability to influence the airflow of the rooms.  Allow the system to run constantly or during times total sanitizing is needed.  The key is air flow.  

Everyone knows the power of ultraviolet light to kill germs which is limited to safety and operational limitations.  Hydroxyl generators take UV light to a new, more efficient, very safe for any application.  Size the unit to the area, turn it on, and feel confident that odors, germs, and toxic threats are constantly neutralized.

The difference between ozone and hydroxyl generators is that ozone treats an area in lass time but requires the rooms, house, or building to be vacated of people and pets.  Hydroxyl generators require more time for treatments but can be fully operating with people and pets in the building.  The value of permanently placing a hydroxyl generator in a building is that air and surfaces are treated continuously in real time as they occur.  For sanitizing, bacteria and virus are destroyed as they are introduced creating a very safe infection control school, workplace, store, or public building.

We have introduced the first variable fan control that allows customers to reduce the sound of the fan when necessary and still operate the unit.  This new feature removes the only concern for hydroxyl generators which is a high-speed fan that can now be turned up or down as necessary. 

Victory Church: "After installing the hydroxyl generators in the auditorium and viewing areas, people were greatly assured that our building is possibly the safety building in town.  The blue light tells us that any unwelcome infectious threat is being killed off minute-by-minute.  We still maintain high sanitizing standards and wear masks.  The addition of hydrodyl generators is a huge value to our staff and attendees."