Best Sanitizing Program to Open Stores & Business

Hydroxyl generators are the best sanitizing program for your store or business that you never heard about.  But, just imagine that the very air in the building was filled with active, but unseen, sanitizing molecules.  In this example, every minute of every hour, or every day has an active cleansing of the air.

Hydroxyl generators operate in the building 24 hours a day treating the air and surfaces with an EPA registered sanitizing system that uses a form of hydrogen peroxide gas that has no smell and can be operated while people are in the building doing their duties.  

If you are familiar with ozone, you know that it is a sanitizer; but ozone can only be used in a vacated building.  Hydroxyl generators are not the same as ozone generators because the output is no threat to daily operations.  In the face of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases, the idea of an active sanitizing process that happens in minute by minute is a huge advantage and safeguard against any potential infectious threat that might enter the building.

Compare whatever sanitizing program you are using now, ask, "How long does the sanitizing effect last?"  Depending on when someone walks in the door that may be an asymptomatic, but infected person, the sanitizing program is potentially worthless.  All sanitizing programs are momentary though well-intended.

By contrast, installing a hydroxyl generator take a few minutes to secure a place where the unit can safely sit.  Turn on the unit and you will see a friendly blue light that is the ultraviolet light specifically designed react with the titanium oxide coating to produce a catalytic reaction.  During this photocatalytic reaction, humidity in the air combines with normal oxygen atoms to create billions H2O2 hydroxyls.

You will hear the fan pushing the room air through the unit where the hydroxyls treat every square inch of air.  This process not only sanitizes the air, but also destroys odors, and detoxifies the air.  There seems to be no downside to installing hydroxyl sanitizers.  

The cost of installing hydroxy generators may be a concern.  But, add up the cost of manpower, products, or services will be required to constantly maintain a proactive sanitizing project knowing that each treatment is easily compromised within minutes of public entry.  

Finally, consider the positive impact of on your customers, staff, and community when they hear about the extraordinary level of sanitizing in your building.  Post signs explaining your 24/7 sanitizing process and the assurance that your store is likely the safest facility in the community.