How to Safely Open a Church for Live Services

Hydroxyl GeneratorMany Americans are anxious about opening their church for live services, and further worried if they are doing enough to protect the attendees and their legal liability.  The stark reality is that a disease is in the community that will run its course.  Our goal is to make the church the SAFEST, most SANITIZED building in the community.

Follow the standard rules for temperature checks for everyone entering the building, require face masks even during the service, and maximize seat for social distancing.  In addition, your staff need to have a consistant process for cleaning and sanitizing commonly-touched surfaces.

But, don't stop there.  By installing strategically-placed hydroxyl generators, your church can have a 24/7 sanitizing program that is constantly sanitizing the air and all exposed surfaces.

Take note of the UNIQUE FACTOR when using hydroxyl generators.  This is the only constant, real-time sanitizing process that works similutaniously as the potential of infection.  In other words, if the virus were to make it pass all of your prophylactic measures, the hydroxyl generator is actively killing off the airborne virus in the air as it goes into the air.  

Every other sanitizing program is a "Moment in Time" process.  After the hard work is done and the money spent, it may offer only a few hours of protection if an infected person enters the building.  Whether a bleach product, applied by an electrostic sprayer, or makes claims of extreme disinfecting power.  They are still momentary and offer no extended protection.

Our service is willing to map out the placement of the hydroxyl generator units for maximum effect.