Victory Church Opens Services with Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl GeneratorChurches are struggling to open their doors in the face of COVID-19, this is no proven method to deal with church operations.  

The concern is finding and implementing the best practices to insure the protection of those who desperately want to attend their church, fellowship with like-minds, and to worhip God.  

On July 19, 2020, Victory Church in Boca Raton opened their live services after 18 weeks.  The pastors and staff went into overdrive to remodel the building, install protocols, and make the services the safest place in the city.

There are the standard elements in place: Temperature testing for all arriving, requiring face masks for all attendees, hand sanitizier stations, and extra areas to accomodate social distancing.

In addition, Victory Church has install four strategically-placed hydrodyxl generators that produce active, real-time sanitizing before, during, and after the services.

It should be understood that every sanitizing program is literally a "Moment in Time" when infectious diseases have been mostly killed off.  The question is for how long?  A few hours maybe if an infected person walks into the building.  The best efforts to clean and sanitize the building are momentary best efforts.

Hydroxyl generators use a UV light cataliytic reaction to process a continuous flow of hydrogen peroxide molecules.  Hydroxyl generators are EPA registered as effective sanitizing process.  And, we already know that hydrogen peroxide is an effective sanitizer.

The big advantage of hydroxyl generators is that they can operate 24/7 including times when people are in the building.  This means the hydroxyl generators are actively killing pathogens at the very time that germs may be introduced. 

We know that the new coronavirus is spread by air droplets as well as by contact transmission.  Since the hydroxyl generators can be safely run with people in the building, the treatment is killing off germs at the same time they are introduced.  

Installing hydroxyl generators are a modest initial cost factor with nearly no ongoing costs to provide the protection that will solve today's disease, but also diseases in the future, threats of the flu season, and other diseases that concern all of us.