Hydroxyl Generators and Sanitizing

infection ControlProfessionals will all admit that sanitizing has been an afterthought issue outside of hospital and medical buildings.  Sanitizing is now the most important factor.  Just understand that cleaning services are only a modest contribution to the real challenge of contagious disease.  The Green Clean Institute offers the best training and certification for cleaning service workers.  

Sanitizing is actually a higher level of cleaning that should be considered an additional job.  In fact, sanitizing chores should be increased in frequency during an infectious disease cycle.  Frequency of sanitizing is a key elelment to infection control because any infectious disease is constantly making intrusions into populated areas.

The GCI Infection Control course has included informaiton about placing hydroxyl generators as a "Maintenance System" that works 24/7 to eliminate infectious threats in real-time.

Cleaning services should consider an addition to their services by renting or leasing hydroxyl generators in conjunction with the cleaning service.  The good news is that hydroxyl generators can be operated in populated areas during normal activities without odor or health concerns to sanitize the key areas of the building.

Hydroxyl generators are perfect for gyms, medical offices, daycares, offices, and stores of all type.  Many post a small sign for customers and staff to read explaining how effective hydroxyl generators are for sanitizing the area in minute-by-minute treatment of any newly introduced pathogens.